Dani Renee


Dani Renee has spent the past two decades soaking in the craft of creating deep characters while on stage. During her university days, she turned to scriptwriting and spent over a decade penning scripts for the stage, many of which were performed at her co-owned theatre company.

Over the past few years, Dani has honed in on novel writing and dipped her toes, alright, plunged head first into writing historical fiction. When there is a fascinating bit of history and characters that tug at her heart, she dives in.  

From childhood, her fascination of Scotland grew as she researched her family heritage. From the cragged castles, to the pirates off the shores of its many isles, she continues to study the history, the land, the culture, and its beloved people. In each of her novels you will encounter a heavy dose of the native land her ancestors called home no matter the location of the book. 

Dani is currently querying agents for her first historical novel set in a rugged mountain town in Southern California with a heavy dose of Scottish folklore.